About Us

The goal of Cycle Sublime is to provide women with the BEST cycling apparel and accessories on the planet!

We are incredibly passionate about cycling. We believe it can improve your life by contributing to your health and happiness. We can’t understand why male cyclists outnumber us by almost three to one. We want to promote change, women and bikes are a perfect fit!

We want to inspire, motivate and empower women to get out and ride. By hand selecting each item and providing relevant reviews and technical information, we’ll help you get the most out of your cycling experience, while looking and feeling your best.

Cycling takes you places, physically and emotionally, let us prepare you for your journey.

Meet Michelle and Susan

Michelle Paiement is an elite cyclist with two Canadian Road Championship titles and years of coaching experience. When not trying to beat her friends up on the bike, she can be found at Toguri Training, whipping her clients into shape, in a very friendly way.

Susan Jones is a competitive masters cyclist who has (surprisingly) won the Gran Fondo New York and has found a place on the podium each year of her cycling career. When not training to stay ahead of Michelle on the hills, she can be found working at Cycle Sublime, and reviewing the latest in women's cycling apparel.